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ERP Mistakes Businesses Have To Avoid Making

download (8)Most business owners today now know the importance of having a good ERP software or system. With this system, certain processes can be optimized within the company, saving business owners time and costs.

Selecting the right ERP system for your business though is not a simple task. You will need to invest sufficient time and effort to make the right investment for your company. If you make the mistake of investing in the wrong system and with using it, all your investment will simply go down the drain.

Below are some key ERP mistakes businesses will have to take note of and avoid making:

Insufficient planning. If you want your ERP project or system to work to the company’s advantage, planning is crucial. Business owners and decision makers who do not plan thoroughly before they begin an ERP software evaluation can become confused when making their selection and as such, they will not fully understand their current processes and how to evolve them to maximize business benefits and efficiencies. To avoid this problem, companies should conduct an internal audit of all of their processes and policies before choosing an ERP system. If you don’t have an in-house team capable of properly evaluating ERP systems, consider hiring a third-party or vendor-neutral consultant who has experiences in implementing ERP solutions for companies in your industry.

Not doing enough comparison shopping. Different ERP systems offer various benefits. Although these would be helpful for your business, it is important to look into the limitations of these systems as well. The last thing you want is to invest in a system that has system functionality restrictions, lack of capabilities, and has a negative impact on existing internal best practices. To avoid this mistake, don’t limit your potential vendor to just one or two. Look for at least five and ask them for references. Don’t forget to do some additional research online by reading up on client testimonials or brand reviews.

Not using and understanding the ERP system’s key features. Once you have the ERP software installed, you or the employees in charge need to know the system’s ins and outs. If you or your employees don’t know or understand and use all the features, your company will miss various opportunities to automate business processes, complete functions faster, and meet business objectives. This also means you are not optimizing the system and getting less from your investment. You can avoid or solve this problem by creating a master list of all the features of the system and tracking the frequency of their use. You can then periodically review this list to determine which features are being used frequently and which ones are the most helpful.